To All Those Who Love Muskoka

I’ve been coming to our family cottage at Skeleton Lake for more than sixty years, and I have always loved the natural beauty and tranquility of a place that has no equal in my experience.

I was very upset recently, when I learned that Frank Lippa has applied for amendments to the Official Plan of the Township of Muskoka, that would allow him to develop a large-scale pit and quarry, less than 2kms from Skeleton Lake, and very close to our cottage. Over the years, members of my extended family, and friends from around the world, have enjoyed staying at Skeleton Lake, and we have done our best to support the local economy, building cottages and permanent homes, paying property taxes, buying furniture, shopping for groceries, and visiting bars and restaurants.

If the Lippa application succeeds, and the quarry development is allowed to go ahead, this will be devastating, not only to my family, but for all those, who live close to Muskoka Road #3 between Huntsville and Rosseau. On average, more than 100 loads of sand and gravel per day will be carried in large trucks on this small winding road, with 70% of the trucks going towards Huntsville and 30% of the trucks going towards Rosseau. These trucks will pose a serious threat to local residents, and to those tourists, who choose to take this road, which has been designated as a scenic route. The trucks will also pose an ongoing threat to the abundant wildlife in the area, including moose, deer, porcupines and snapping turtles.

Most tourists come to Muskoka to enjoy the natural beauty and tranquility of a place that is renowned throughout the world. These tourists don’t come to see gravel pits and hear dump trucks!

I love Muskoka, and if you love Muskoka, please go to, and join me in the campaign to stop the pit!

Tom Newman

Newman’s Bay, Skeleton Lake, Muskoka



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