This letter was sent to The Globe and Mail in response to the following article:


Air Pollution! Water pollution! Traffic Horrors! Impact on Wildlife! Noise!

There is no positive reason to allow a quarry of this magnitude to be developed in this area. It will be of no benefit to area residents nor to any of the cottagers or tourists who frequent this area. The carnage it will have on the environment will be irreparable. Despite claims by the proponents and their paid advisors, no one person can be sure that this pit and quarry will not have significant environmental impact on the water quality of Skeleton Lake. Shouldn’t our goal be to try to preserve this unique area for generations to come so that they can interact with nature, recreation, and history in a positive way. Our ancestors had the foresight to classify this area as environmentally sensitive. That is the way it should remain.

Personally, we have owned property on Long Point Road, Skeleton Lake since 1952. Our cottage , built in 1979, is on a small, shallow bay. The stream that feeds into this bay has its beginnings at the proposed quarry site. Any pollutants-airborne or by water- from this site will have detrimental effects on the water of this bay, and the fish , turtles, ducks, herons , loons and the people who make their home here.

In addition, given the expected increase in the massive trucks using Muskoka Road3, we will cease to be able to enjoy the peace and quiet. Already, the sound of traffic is clearly heard as the vehicles contend with the hills on the road directly across the bay. What happens when you have an extra 100 trucks a day? This proposed quarry (less than 2 km distance) will not be just gravel pit but a quarry where there will be blasting of bedrock that will make the ground shutter and the non-stop noise of huge machines grinding it into small pieces. The proposal states that this operation will be seven days a week from May to November for the next 50+ years.

For over 60 years , we have paid mega taxes to enjoy our cottage and property. Is it going to be destroyed by greed and lack of empathy for our environmental gifts?

The proponents of the Lippa Quarry would be transporting their material on Muskoka Road 3 going west through Rosseau and 21 km east towards Huntsville. This is a two way road with curves, hills , blind corners , hidden driveways and gravel shoulders. Large trucks ride the yellow line . It is intimidating for any drivers let alone seniors to continually meet these deadly machines. This road is classified as a “scenic” route. Who will have time to look at the scenery?

Situated about halfway between the pit and Huntsville is the Aspdin Community Centre-originally S.S.# 2 built in 1893. It is a central gathering place for dinners, potlucks, social events, weekly card parties, senior groups, programs for children etc. When large trucks pass , the building rattles making it impossible to hear. What happens when there is a constant flow of huge trucks passing?

The economic gains of one company should not be allowed to cause permanent harm to residents , wildlife and the local tourism industry which has flourished here for decades. This is tourist country not mining country.


Ted & Irene Turner

Huntsville, Ontario




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