This letter was sent to The Globe and Mail in response to the following article:


To the Editor of the Globe and Mail,

Re:Residents, cottagers in Ontario’s Muskoka region fight quarry proposal near unique Skeleton Lake

We live close to the proposed quarry site in a modest house living a simple life. How will this quarry impact our quality of life, our health and well being? What is the human cost to the many families living nearby?

I do not want health problems from breathing silica dust. I do not want my house shaking and damaged by the blasting. I do not want the animals to disappear. I do not want my well water poisoned. I do not want my peace disturbed by the constant rumbling of gravel trucks by my door.

Perhaps the people who want to build these quarries should be made to live next door to one and experience firsthand the devastating impact it would have.




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