You may not know that our tourism, Skeleton Lake, Lake Rosseau and Lake Joseph are under a horrifying threat by a quarry looking to get started in a key area impacting multiple townships and cities including Huntsville. At 100 metres deep in its centre, our ‘Impact Crater’ Lake is very unique. It is spring fed and uniquely clear. The damage of blasting could forever remove this amazing lake, which runs into Lake Rosseau and Lake Joseph…so the ripple effect could be significant. Want to know more, sign a petition or join us on June 16 at 9 a.m. for a public meeting (FB: StopMuskokaPit). In addition to the broader ecology impact, Aspdin Rd would become the main thoroughfare of approx. 100 trucks a day, 7 days a week. The pit is planned for 1089 Butler Mill Road. Our experience with quarries is specific. We lived in Washago with a quarry several miles away, not as large as the one being proposed, and every day the ground shook the house when they blasted – but that was nothing compared to the damage to the road, which could not be maintained because of poor planning on the town’s part. The volume of trucks was bad enough, but not as bad as when the road had pot-holes. The trucks would rattle so loud it was impossible to ignore – like a shotgun by your ear as the back-end loaders banged against their mounting. Here, in the summer, we have a very busy road with tourist traffic travelling within the region right past our business and home. If the quarry goes in the serene drive may look like Toronto on a weekday at 6:30 p.m.!

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