We have received much information re the above quarry/pit. To our horror it is unbelievable that the township is seriously considering their proposal/rezoning.

How could council even consider changing a zoning that was designed to protect the environment & most importantly the safety of your constituents.

A) The quarry is not outside the 2 km boundary of the water front set back.
B) The total disregard for the environmentally sensitive zoning that exists around the site, which your predecessors had the foresight to establish.
C) The persons who live on Muskoka 3 will have life altering consequences. With the proposed heavy transport truck traffic, children riding their bikes, recreational runner/walker/cyclists will be put at severe risk if you make these absurd amendments
D) The damage to the tourists industry will be catastrophic. People come from all over the world to enjoy & experience MUSKOKA.
E) The safety of Children getting on & off school buses are more than enough reason to turn down this rezoning.
F) Muskoka 3 is not a provincial highway & is not built to with stand the volume of trucks proposed. Who will be responsible for the major road repairs that will occur.

Five generations of our family have made Skeleton Lake our place of solitude during all four seasons on a lake that is second to none. We totally disagree with the development of the pit and quarry that will destroy the tranquil natural habitat and surrounding area. There is a reason why this area is currently not zoned for this intrusive industry and associated business.

Skeleton Lake has a natural limestone base. To have blasting in less than 2 km will crack the natural stone, allowing contaminants/mercury into a pristine lake. It is presently the only lake in muskoka that does not have mercury contamination.

Stop it now before it is too late.

Paul & Deborah Horn



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