Howard Smith, Managing Director of the Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, sent the letter below in opposition to the development of the Lippa Pit and Quarry.


RE: Lippa Pit and Quarry

Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary Is a wildlife rehabilitation facility located off Crawford Street east of Rosseau. We are opposed to the development of yet another quarry In the area for several reasons. Firstly the greatly increased truck traffic can negatively affect the part of our operation that brings several thousand people a year to visit our facility. Part of our mandate is to educate the public on the environment and co existing with wildlife. This we do through guided tours of our permanent wildlife area to tourists, school classes and local public. As well, we have 18 km of hiking trails that are used by local people and tourists from local resorts to view classic Muskoka landscape and see free ranging wildlife. The volume of traffic on Muskoka road 3 Is already quite high with large trucks and the addition of a massive increase in truck traffic will not only be a safety issue but will detract from people wanting to travel from particularly the Huntsville direction. As we are expanding and developing our education program as a tourist destination for clients of area resorts, this truck activity will negatively affect people’s experience and desire to visit.

Additionally there are concerns about the quality of the road and the safety of people bringing animals to us, given the relatively narrow road with really no shoulders. Already with tight corners large trucks cross over the center line. Recent paving in the last few years is already cracking up with existing traffic pressure.
There are other ecological concerns such as has there been a comprehensive environmental assessment completed addressing water quality issues, the negative Impact on Species of concern and rare wildlife such as the hog nosed snake.

In closing, with all the existing quarries in the area, some 25 we understand, where is the demand that would outweigh all the negative aspects this quarry will bring?

Howard Smith
Managing Director

Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary
1116 Crawford St.
Rosseau, ON
P0C 1J0
Phone: 705-732-6368

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