Published in the Huntsville Forester: Thursday, May 25. PG.11





1 thought on “Form 1 – Notice of Application for a License to Excavate Aggregate

  1. Ruth Campbell says:

    Thank you for the opoortunity to express my thoughts on the Application for Licence Excavation of Aggregate.

    I strongly oppose the location of this quarry.

    There has not been sufficient research done in the environmental study to predict the affect on the neighbouring water sheds and wild life that are so important to the Muskoka experience.

    The increased heavy traffic on a road never designed for it is another good reason not to approve.

    Additionally as one of many of the annual visitors to the area consideration will have to be given to the fact that if this area will no longer be suitable for me, my family or friends to safely visit and enjoy if the licence is approved.

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