Ontario Landowners Association OLA, JULY 1, 2018
Skeleton Lake Under Siege

Huntsville Doppler, APRIL 9, 2018
Oppostion to Muskoka-area quarries garners national attention

Cottage Life Magazine, APRIL 6, 2018
Cottagers and locals unite against Skeleton Lake quarry

The Globe and Mail, APRIL 1, 2018
Residents, cottagers in Ontario’s Muskoka region fight quarry proposal near unique Skeleton Lake

VIDEO:  Muskoka Lakes council vote against proposed quarry – CogecoTV Muskoka

Quarry reps mum on possibility of OMB appeal to Muskoka Lakes vote – Bracebridge Examiner

Muskoka Lakes council rejects proposed quarry rezoning, amendment – Bracebridge Examiner

Proposed Lippa Quarry project shut down following heavy public opposition – My Muskoka Now 

Stop Muskoka Pit group wants your support at council meeting on Friday – Doppler Online

Proposed stone quarry in Muskoka Lakes raises eyebrows, says ex-councillor – Bracebridge Examiner 

Skeleton Lake quarry ‘could be a disaster,’ says nature columnist – Huntsville Forester

Muskoka Lakes resident fighting proposed quarry just south of Seguin – Parry Sound North Star



3 thoughts on “NEWS Articles & Published Letters

  1. Charlie Packwood says:

    I would like to understand how much revenue will be generated by this business in taxes and fees to the town. Will this revenue come anywhere close to what will be required to maintain the two roads that will be damaged by all the heavy trucking. How much of our property taxes will go to keep the roads in good condition for our use if the taxes from the pit do not cover the costs. I am not sure I have read anywhere what the expected lifespan of this pit will be. Will they be blasting to remove rock? What if any equipment will be running 24/7 in this pit. Will a rock crusher be used and what is the decibel level of this device. I don’t want to think that I am living next to the 401 when I am at the lake. What amount of deposit will the owner of business be required to place with the town or MOE to cover the costs of restoration of the property in the event they decide to walk away from the business at some point in time.

    • Hi Charlie,
      From what I understand the Township of Muskoka Lakes will receive $12,000 and the District of Muskoka will receive $3,000 when the quarry runs at full capacity. I do believe I read somewhere that the life expectancy of the pit will be approximately 80 years. There will be blasting and running of a rock crusher. The equipment that will be running 24/7 will be things like generators, compressors, saws, impact wrenches and grinders for repair and maintenance
      tasks. Not sure about the decibel levels but that information is in the blasting report. There is no indication that Frank Lippa needs to put down any kind of deposit to cover the restoration of this property. These are all excellent questions that I would put forth to council at the June 16th meeting in Port Carling. Perhaps you could also attend the meeting today at 2pm at the Aspdin Community center to help us with ideas to stop this dreadful pit & quarry.

  2. Tom Newman says:

    Hi Charlie

    You have asked some excellent questions, and I don’t have all the answers. You might find some of this information within the technical reports for the Lippa Application submitted for the June 16th council meeting here: http://stopmuskokapit.ca/reports

    Tom Newman (SMP)

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