The huge stone quarry proposed in Muskoka Lakes Twp. location on Butler Mill Road should be raising eyebrows and flags at this proposal. The effects if approved will not only effect resident & cottage owners in Muskoka Lakes, it will also effect tax payers of Stisted/Stephenson Wards in the Town of Huntsville, The Village of Rosseau and Severn Twp. and beyond.

Some of the effects if this project if allowed to be approved by the council of Muskoka Lakes at there Public/ Planning/Council meeting to be held on Friday June 16, 2017, 9.00 am, at the Recreation Hall , Port Carling, are as follows:

Very Much increased truck (semi) traffic from Butler Mill Road west to hwy 400, east to hwy 11 (Huntsville). Sight lines on these roads are not the best anytime now without increases of heavy duty 18 weelers. Traffic east will most likely take the shortcut down Domtar/Old Muskoka Rd/Allensville Rd. to reach Hwy 11 south. Both east and west routes are daily school bus runs, regular rural mail delivery routes, and more importantly many roadside residences with children at play.

Truckers for the most part do not keep regular work hours as most of us are used to. Their operating schedule for most independent truckers to earn their bread & butter is a schedule of any part of 24/7.

Everyone along or nearby those routes will experience noise levels anytime of day of braking(jake) gearshifting, near misses or we pray no collisions when exiciting on to Aspdin Rd(muskoka rd. 3 west).

If this rezoning is allowed maintenance of Muskoka Rd 3 west(Aspdin rd) will be a direct cost to ALL taxpayers of Muskoka and probably the District Engineering and public works budget will increase dramatically.

Needless to say Tourism one of our major income generators in Muskoka does not mix well with, noise, dust, fast truck traffic. The Aspdin Rd. could become the most feared to ones safety to travel on in Muskoka, similar how many, many fear for their safety while travelling the 401 through the GTA.

Possibly one of the most important , might be the most important issue with approval of this quarry is this consequences and effects of Skeleton Lake. Most of the lake is in Muskoka Lakes Twp, however a good portion of its shoreline is in the Town Of Huntsville. The Geological make up of Skeleton Lake with its lake bed made of a limestone shield may be so unique that possibly no where else in Ontario can this be found. If rock blasting as much as disturbs this shield , no money in the world can repair the damage. The proposed quarry is very close by at less than 5 to 10 km.

A public meeting regarding the proposed quarry was held at the Aspdin Community Centre on Sunday June 4th. There was standing room only as Mr. Ross Earl and his many volunteer residents gave an excellent overview of whats happening and discussions on what can be done to STOP the rezoning. Representatives from mostly the area most directly in the vicinity of the quarry were in attendance. Representatives from the Skeleton Lakes Association were there as well. On a sad note of who was NOT there, there were not any members of Twp of Muskoka lakes council or from the Town of Huntsville council. As a former Town of Huntsville & a District of Muskoka councillor I always felt it was my duty as an elected official to attend any public meeting to keep my eyes and ears close to the taxpayers who elected me to serve. If I happen to have conflict in attending such events I often would ask a trusted friend to attend in my place to listen, take notes etc.

There is still limited time left for all those elected officials to get on board to help this cause. Everyone no matter where you live in Muskoka, Severn, Parry Sound or further. This isn’t a small concern, the impact and destruction could have enormous effects to our Muskoka life style, Tourism, wildlife, our clean air & clean water.

There is an information meeting at the Ullswater Hall on June 10th sponsored by the quarry proponents.

The next crucial Twp Of Muskoka Lakes planning/council meeting is at Port Carling, Friday June 16th 9:00 am.

Please try to attend this meeting, your interest and attendence will make a difference.

For further info call 705-646-3848 or myself at 705-789-4022


Respectively Submitted,

former Stisted/Stephenson/Port Sydney/Town of Huntsville, & former District of Muskoka Councilor
John Earl

Utterson, ON



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