Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
Attention: Jeff Schosser

Skelton Brummell and Associates
Attention: Caitlin Port

Mr. Schosser/Ms. Port,

My letter comes to you to object to the Lippa Quarry Mining License Application. There are many reasons for my objections, however I only list several at this time.

To allow the proposed Quarry to use explosives on granite so close to Skeleton Lake will destroy the limestone shell of the Lake. The Lake water will be exposed to mercury and phosphorus contamination. Five generations of my family have enjoyed this oasis. Most cottagers use the Lake water for drinking. We have tried, and have been successful, in maintaining the water quality while adhering to Municipal regulations and Zoning requirements. Destroying or reducing the water quality would be a tragedy.

It has been determined that the silica dust emanating from the Quarry will be detrimental to the health of those around the Lake and Community. The negative impact on the air quality in the area must be prohibited. We pride ourselves in nurturing and promoting green space. This must not be destroyed.

To suggest that seven large aggregate carrying trucks every hour will not effect the road and surrounding communities is foolishness. The road is built on bog in many areas. It currently needs repair on an annual basis. Approval of this Application would require tax payers to provide addition funds for repair of the road destroyed by a commercial endeavour. The lives of the individuals and families who use or live near the road will be negatively impacted. This road is used by cyclists, local school buses and tourists to say nothing of the local traffic. To add large aggregate-carrying truck traffic with the turns, twists and hills of this road is a safety risk. Large trucks with heavy loads cannot stop quickly. This is a recipe for a major disaster. Surely the MNR&F must seriously consider the risk management of this situation.

I support the Township of Muskoka Lakes Council and the Town of Huntsville Council in non support for this Quarry. They have considered the risks and have made the correct decision to not support the Lippa Quarry Mining License. The two Municipalities have determined that there is no benefit to the community in approving this application. Muskoka has enough aggregate from the current eighteen quarries to last many years.


Teddene Long



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